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whats app Urdu funny status

Whats app funny urdu Status Download

Whats app funny urdu Status Download

whats is funny status?

Do you need free whats app Urdu funny status for you mobile. Use these Whats app Urdu funny status to get friends happy.

Some times you get bored and you wants to becomes happy. In this movements you wants a best friend. Due to some reasons he is unavailable. You need a best friend that is to be your but you are alone. At that that movement you need to read status. you can also read some type of Facebook status but there is no excitement. In that movement you think that you have a friend who is also feeling unhappy. For that friend you can upload Funny status that remove his lonely lonely type feelings

Whats app funny Status

Status means what is your feelings and whats you wants. Now a days every one is reading funny status and wants to get more and more happy at that time upload a good status.

Happy status or a funny status implements that you are in a happy mood. Doing some effort for make anyone more happy is a best creation.

انکار میں وہ لذت، اقرار میں کہاں ہے؟

بڑھتا ہے شوق “غالب” تیرے نہیں نہیں میں.

عشق نے نکما بنا دیا غالب ورنہ
ہم بھی بھڑے کام کے آدمی تھے

گرمی سہی کلام میں مگر نا اتنی سہی

گرمی سہی کلام میں مگر نا اتنی سہی
کی جس سے بات اسنے شکایت ضرور کی

ستارے کچھ بتاتے ہیں، نتیجہ کچھ نکلتا ہے
بڑی حیرت میں ہے، میری ہتھیلی دیکھنے والا

مانا کہ ، محبت ہے خدا اور خدا ہے محبت
لیکن وفا آج کل زماں سے روٹھ سی گئی ہے

These are some best poetry that i always like to share with all of you. I like funny Urdu poetry and funny status and recommend you to get from here.