Weekend Whats App Status - Whatsapp Status

Weekend Whats App Status

Weekend whats app status

Weekend whats app status

The most waiting day in the life is the weekend. Now on WhatsApp status you can use the best status for you. You can use them on the Instagram Facebook as well as WhatsApp. This day is best day for all the holiday lovers. Peoples of all ages having any gender wants for this day

Best status for you

This is a peaceful day. This is day which we have planned all the week how to celebrate it. We have also planned with our best friends to make outing and hoteling. All of the peoples goes to the best picnic places for sharing love and care.

The old peoples arrange tea with their best friends who have spent all the life. Especially all those how never miss there life a single movement without of them. Mostly families like to move to the cool locations with their households. We all like to see all the peoples who are best in our life.

One the 24 hours planned to go out and wants to get the best photos. These photos are the memories and the best life movement for all of them.

Before doing the day to day task there is our mind is full of borings. To get out from these boring movement I liked to feel the natural things like cool air green meadows and wonderful weather. This is human nature to taste the best of the green nature. This nature is never changed by anyone. This is the only day when all wants to change the.

The all peoples are finding here and there in the search of best weekend statuses. The wait is over. Just scroll down and find out the best ever weekend status for you. There is all the statuses free of cast for you only on our website. Just follow our website and get the latest weekend status for you.

Weekend Status for you

Two things i forever miss one is you and second is Weekend

Most romantic time of my life is weekend

Weekend is second life for me

Dear weekend i love you

I always pray to God for never ending weekend

Weekend is best relief of hard work

Some people like shoping some like journey but i like weekend in cold days

Dear i wish never leave me alone

Dear Weekend you are best for me beside my love

The most awesome movement in my life is weekend

The story have very short end is weekend

I always like to love bed until weekend end

Always smile when weekend start just cry when its end

Peoples says love is one ended by weekend is soon ended

I always worried about you dear weekend

Weekend Status

Zero Work = Weekend! Perfect Match

Some says like my page but i always like the weekend

After Marriage weekend is the start of Good Days

I am wishing you happy Weekend

I lost you …. Dear Weekend

I always waiting for you …. my Weekend

After doing hardwork in 5 days the cool days are weekend

Most important weekend is in cool weather when i am with the bed for three days rest

Weekend becomes most popular when she is with me on journey

Life journey End on Monday starts on weekend

The coolest day of my life is Friday because after it weekend starts

Our love like weekend we never think to end

Sunday the only day when we we feel happy its close all the burden if the week

Sometimes i think monday is the days of punishment for rest of weekend

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