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students Day Wishes

students Day Wishes

Congratulations to the students from the leadership of the university in prose

Dear Students! Please accept my sincere congratulations on the start of the new academic year!
Student time is a special stage in life! A stage full of romance, love, fun adventures, new acquaintances and many events!
Students are a special people: benevolent, open and cheerful!
I wish you to add to all this new knowledge and practical skills that you acquire in our university, preparing for your future profession, and which will then help you find a decent job. I wish you a great study and a pleasant student life!

Congratulations on Students Day – poem

Not everyone is ready to become a
student, you have to be a student at heart.
Having come to the lecture once,
Will understand, it is already over.
Yes, the students’ life is not sugar,
But also not salt, but sweet honey.
In the session, shaking with fear,
He expects to be lucky in life.
Happy Student’s Day to everyone, I
wish to graduate from the institute!

Congratulations on Student’s Day to brother, sister in prose

I congratulate you on student’s day! I wish you have the best friends, interesting teachers, a large scholarship, a small “tail” and an easy diploma defense! And may Saint Tatiana, the patroness of students, keep you! Happy Holidays!

Congratulations to the student on the beginning of the academic year, comic in verse

Well, student,
Already ready,
To the influx of plans and studies!
The academic year has already begun,
And the rector at the university is so severe!
He said that he would expel,
All who will not fulfill,
Teachers assignments,
And run only on dates!
Study student, while they give,
Girls, in general, will wait!
Sit with books all day,
And overcome your laziness!
Get ready for the questions of the sessions,
And no depression for you!
And, in general, I am not serious,
I wish it was always!
It’s interesting for you to study, so
that everything is great!

Congratulations to the student in verse

Take a walk from the heart, student!
Let every compliment give, You have a
huge holiday,
And all your friends are happy!
We wish you successful sessions, so
that you are always full and cheerful!
Great joy, love,
find a great job!
We wish you new discoveries,
Pleasant meetings, acquaintance of events!
May your dreams come true,
And rest well!

Congratulations on Student’s Day humorous in verse

Every day a student has a test in his life
Either write a test, then take exams,
But today my friend – drink sparkling wine
May there always be pure happiness in your eyes
May there always be a ribbon of happiness at your feet I
congratulate my dear friend on the student’s holiday!

Happy Student’s Day short

We wish that all major life exams were excellent! And for this it is necessary that at least these five years are not in vain 😉

Congratulations on the Student’s Day personalized, prose

My dear friend ________ (name)! I want to congratulate you on student’s day! May you always be lucky in exams, may your grade book be filled with good marks! Student years are the most fun and unforgettable time!

Congratulations on Student’s Day in prose

I congratulate you on the happiest holiday – Student’s Day! Let the teachers not be too harsh on you, and the sessions will pass without problems. Let the fun time of student youth give you many pleasant memories, true friends and girlfriends. And most importantly, let the beer flow like a river, and your pocket does not become scarce!

Congratulations on Student’s Day

Student’s Day is a holiday of the young, a
holiday of the brave and dashing.
You don’t care about everything in science,
And love is in your hands.
There is a huge space ahead.
And today is your holiday.
So, study, work, work,
“Gaudeamus” still sing.

Congratulations on Student’s Day

Your wonderful time, student fun and mischievous, how fast she rushes, without encountering obstacles on the way, because youth can handle everything and everything is unusual. So keep your enthusiasm and optimism for many years.

Congratulations to the student

Let Tatyana’s day bring
balls to the Students, positive!
So that the shadow
never interferes with sadness !
So that a classmate gave to write off,
Absenteeism so that the headman “otmazat”,
“Kursak” for the night could write,
With a scholarship to be respected.
Live, student, to your delight –
Fartovo, stylish, for the soul!
Good luck to smile more often!
Take more and more from life!

Congratulations on Student’s Day

_________ (name!), I congratulate you on student’s day! I wish you a happy holiday and your session will go perfectly! May you have many faithful friends, may your student years be remembered for a long time!

Happy Student’s Day greetings and wishes

You are young and cheerful, and the school time is still quite memorable, and somewhere near childhood is floating away, and maturity is still so far away and unusual to it. Step into a big student life and enjoy all the delights and surprises of this life.

Congratulations drawing for a student on April 1

You, a student, are a simple smoking room,
And your piggy bank is empty, Your
pocket and purse are empty ,
Only on a holiday day
Come out, student, soon!
The postwoman is at the door!
I brought you a parcel –
Not some kind of funny thing:
It has sausage and balyk,
chicken, and barbecue,
And potatoes with a cutlet,
And cake with candy!
Eat, student, do not choke,
Yes, share with your friends!
Drink fresh beer,
Don’t scold us for a joke!

Happy Student’s Day to my sister in verse

Student’s Day is an important holiday.
We will celebrate boldly.
Beer, vodka and wine,
Cards, backgammon, dominoes.
Let’s have fun hanging out,
In the dance, we will be cowardly.
Congratulations to all students,
We invite you to the party.

Congratulations on Student’s Day in verse

Be happy, literate, student,
Do not know you all sorts of problems!
Let there be many interesting topics in life,
Fewer complicated, incomprehensible schemes!
Take a walk, drink, have fun, honest people, the
Student is coming to celebrate the holiday!

Congratulations on Student’s Day Tatyana’s Day

Happy Tatyana’s Day, Student’s Day!
May happiness fill your world!
Friends let them please with something,
And you surprise them in return.
Let, like a bird in flight,
Your soul soars in happiness,
And even in a dangerous time trouble
You will be able to keep vigor.

Sms Happy Student’s Day

Happy Student’s Day,
I wish you knowledge!

Congratulations on Student’s Day

On this day, I want to wish that the sea of ​​worries and worries does not dissolve the streams of our holidays and joys. I wish you to become a scientist, publish scientific works, become famous all over the world. May all life’s difficulties be on your shoulder.

Congratulations on Student’s Day

Student friendly family
Today marks the student’s day!
The path was passed from the applicant
to the masters of sciences and life.
From session to session – the whole world
With fun, revelry and study.
So let this day be special for you.
Give laughter. And joy for the side dish.

Cool congratulations on Student’s Day

The student is like a soldier – always ready. Ready to learn, ready to walk, smoke, make noise and have fun. And not to answer for the consequences! Happy Student’s Day!

Congratulations on Student’s Day and Tatiana’s Day

Happy Students Day, Tatiana’s Day!
You accept my congratulations.
Although we live happily now, live more
fun and more successfully!
I wish you so much happiness that
you and your family will have enough.
Let not bad weather break you,
No worries that lie ahead.

Congratulations on Student’s Day in verse, original

Students and female students
You are all “macho” and “flirty”!
There are “cramps” among the crowd,
There are also “booze-ups” and “jokes”!
Congratulations to the “cute”!
Happy Student’s Day “congratulations”!

Congratulations on Student’s Day

I miss a little
My teaching of the days.
I will hasten to congratulate my friends on
Student’s Day soon!
Only now I understand,
How dear those days are to me,
When the exam was passed
Excellent, without fuss.
May all the
teaching that is given help you, students .
It is clear without experimentation:
Smart is a strong link!

Happy Students Day to Brother

Anyone who has not been a student will never understand what hunger is and what sleep is. Happy Student’s Day! Overeat and revel until hibernation …

Original congratulations on Student’s Day

Celebrate Student’s Day with as much beer and vodka as possible, so that in case of expulsion from the institute, you can return the bottles and re-enroll in paid education. Happy Holidays!

To Tatyana’s Day – Student’s Day

Yes! New Year is already in power!
Ended up with all the Christmastide ringing!
We hoped we were in everyday tackle –
Champagne is back on the table.
But Tanyusha knocked,
And brought summer into winter.
And, like a key from my pocket,
Without asking, I took my heart.
All behind – tests, coursework.
After all, you brought the Sharu to the students.
Saint Tanya, we write the final ones.
We live lace fabrics!
And again fireworks and salutes,
Salads, candles, festive dress.
So be happy, Tanyushki and Tanyukhi,
Who kept the student body!

Congratulations on Student’s Day in prose

Forget on this day about all the flaws and tails, and that there is not always a funny jingle of coins in your pocket, All these are trifles that you should not pay attention to, today is the best holiday for your student, so have fun from the heart, and you will cope with problems later

SMS congratulations on Student’s Day

I want to get rid of all the tails! Happy student’s day! 🙂

Happy Student’s Day

Today’s day is such a miracle,
Yogo students are seen.
I’ll be late one hour, that one.
Students all see.
I want to pamper you,
all of you have seen it.
I days of cancellation for five.
Carry out a charge of V zoom.
Bazhaєm on vidminno get a grasp of
“Tails” in the semester You are not nobility
Tsikavo zhiti i khohatis
I Happiness svoim zhitti mother.

Congratulations on Student’s Day in prose to brother, sister

Have fun honest people do not look that frost outside the window. Do not be afraid of the winter cold, because your hot heart can melt even the Arctic ice. Happy holidays to you, Student’s Day.

Cool congratulations on Student’s Day

Let’s burn with you together
Above our failed fate.
It must be, either out of envy, or revenge
. Someone joked with you over us.
To be or not to be? Walk or study?
The choice is a painful lot!
And only what remains to be drunk
For this glorious All Students Day!

Congratulations on Student’s Day, short

Tired of being a student? Send the dean and become a soldier! Do not want? Then Happy Student’s Day, not February 23 !!!

Congratulations to parents of students on student’s day

Both the professor and the student, Tatianin,
celebrate this day for many years with festive celebrations.
Let the whole country rejoice, glorify all the students,
Someone of them will be our president.
Student’s Day in Russia is a national holiday.
You have passed this stage, and now you are “free”!

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