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Rose Day Statuses

Rose Day Statuses

Rose Day Statuses

Rose is the queen of flowers

One who loves roses so much cannot be evil.

The last bell, empty tears, we give roses to teachers.

Men often give women red roses, after parting they remind of separation.

I will stop loving you then when a blind artist draws the sound of a giving rose petal on the floor of a castle that does not exist

Small thorns are small things compared to the beauty of a flower.

She plucked a rose, took care of the lilac, forgot everyone, I couldn’t!

He who loves roses must endure thorns.

Your love, like rose petals, filled my heart!

Rose Day Statuses

Men distinguish between two types of flowers: roses and “what are these called?”

Roses are good as long as the thorns are fresh.

Roses instill a love of nature, and thorns instill respect.

Hear, rose! Tulip from here, otherwise, as a zagheorgin, you will become gray!

A rose is born as a rose, it will not turn into another flower if you put it in another pot and water it with another water …

Roses are more expensive and last longer when the soul is invested in a bouquet and a gift.

The essence of a flower does not change, as does the essence of a person.

Broken heart, frozen tears, prickly phrases, dried roses.

They give roses to the unloved, and only tears to the loved ones.

Love is a rose. The rose has thorns. Break that rose – There will be no love …

You can cry that a rose has thorns, or you can rejoice because thorns have a rose.

She loves him as –

Rose Water …

He loves her as – Thief Freedom …

Tearing off the petals, you will never know the beauty of a rose

There are no ugly ones. Some are as beautiful as a rose, some are like a cactus.

Rose Day Statuses

The essence of a rose is to be the most beautiful always and everywhere.

Sex with a condom is like sniffing roses in a gas mask = P

For a gardener, roses are like people, they know how to hear and see.

Rose, mimosa, lily, poppy, smart girl, fool boy.

Those who do not know how to handle roses, besides the scent, will also have splinters.

Only our women know how to shine like stars, flutter like moths, blossom like roses, and at the same time plow like horses …

In the end, the best rose is not the one with the least thorns, but the one with the most beautiful roses.

Beautiful roses …

More Beautiful bouquet …

Beautiful guys …

But there is no loyalty …

They kiss, caress and stand nearby, then they forget and don’t want to know!

Roses are judged by their flowers, not thorns.

One single rose can replace a garden, one single friend can do as much for you as the whole world would.

Rose Day Statuses

The girl is a rose with thorns, a woman is a rose without thorns, and an old woman is thorns without a rose.

On the hand that gives roses, their scent will always remain.

For too long, women have remembered unpresented roses.

Your rose is so dear to me because you gave her your whole soul! Happy Valentine’s day!

Whatever flower a rose is crossed with, it will actually be the most beautiful of all flowers on the planet.

The more beautiful the rose, the sooner it wilts.

If you want to give happiness – give roses.

Rose Day Statuses

True friendship is like a rose: we do not realize its beauty until it fades.

When a guy walks down the street with a bouquet of roses, then they haven’t had sex yet.

you love a rose, endure the thorns ..

If you do not hold the rose well, you can get hurt by its thorns.

A single rose can be my garden … a single friend, my world.

One rose can be my garden … one friend is my world.

Roses only say two things. About a thick wallet and lack of imagination.

She has no more intelligence than a rose.

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