Raining status for Whatsapp

Raining status for Whatsapp

rainy day whatsapp status

rainy day whatsapp status

Raining Status for whatsapp you can share your emotions on whatsapp. Everyone knows that this is the rainy season, most of the people are enjoying this weather. Some people are like to update their stories on their status and enjoy the weather. If you want to WhatsApp, Facebook running status the best website for status because we are providing the best status for the Whatsapp.

You can use our status on your Whatsapp and Facebook. Many people search for the raining status for WhatsApp.  You can get this collection for raining status and enjoy the season. we make the list of raining status. You can use the status on your Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram.

Best Raining Status 

There is the best raining status for your Whatsapp, Facebook, and Instagram.  Status is given below;

Rain is the blessing of ALLAH almighty.

Read my status, its rainy season, enjoy the rainy day.

Rain is not a drop of water, its love of the sky to earth.

This rain makes miss you more and more.

Enjoy the rainy season with the tea of the cup.

Some people feel the rain other just wet.

First love like rain, when the rain comes to touch my face I feel fresh.

Rain makes my feeling deeply and my heart goes to romantic.

Raining Whats app Status

I like the rain, dark sky, the lighting of thunder, the fresh smell of clay, and dust particles make me a pleasant, happy rainy day.

Drak sky, beautiful rain, cloudiness, the sound of air, fresh smell = perfect relaxation.

I find my soul mate in the rain.

I just want, on a rainy day, someone kisses me and holds me tight.

Raining Whatsapp Status for Boy Friend

Raining Whatsapp Status for Girl Friend
Raining Whatsapp Status for Girl Friend

The rainy season is the day we can show our feeling and love.  

Ya mosum ki barish, ya barish paani, ya paani ki bondyn tujy hi tu dhoondy.

A cup of coffee, rain and you, is a great combination of you. 

I like the noise of the rain.

Enjoy the rainy day with our family.

My life is strom, you like to enjoy the rainy day with me.

Brishyn yo acanak hoi toh laga tum saher ma ho.

Mohabt barsa dy na tu, samvan aya ha.

Raining Whatsapp Status for Girl Friend

Raining Whatsapp Status for Boy Friend
Raining Whatsapp Status for Boy Friend

Is Dard e Dil ki sifarish ab Kar dy koi yaha k mil jay mujy Woh Barish Joh beegy pori trhaa.

I wish, I hold your hand and walking in the rain.

I wish I could sit in the rain and wash all memory of life and past.

Ye husn-e mosam, ye barish, ye hawayein, Lagta hai Mohabbat ne Aaj Kisi ka sath Diya hai.

The rainy day is a perfect time, saw the beauty of nature, and walk on the woodside.

Love is walking in rain and express your feeling with each other.

I feel very happy to see the sunshine after the rain.

Rainshower my pain and my bad memories.

 Rainy day make me think about your feeling a lot.

Raining Whats App status for You

Some people are run from the rain and sit in bathtubs full of water.

I love the rain, when its drops are falling on my face makes me cool and fresh.

 The real smile comes out when I see the weather become rainy.

The dorps of rainy water can change my mood at any time.

Like rain I am falling on you my heart.

I love it when the rainfall on earth.

This is my favorite weather when the rain starts.

Yohi bars bars kali ghata barsy hum dono beehg jyn is chata ki Barish ma.

Ran remember me when I falling in love the first time.

Be strong because things will get right, Strom is temporary it can not rain forever.

Everybody wants happiness when the rainfall moods are changing in a small time. because of the rain effects on nature.

The rain season makes me miss you.

Tears are falling in my eyes like the rain falling on the earth.

These drops of rain never mix with each other but they show the love of nature.

The sound of rain made beautiful and pleasant music, this music is like our ears.

During the rain, many birds and animal shows their love. 

Clouds block the sunlight but it can bright the rain.

The sound of rain is my best friend.

The sound of rain soothes me.

Rain makes everything beautiful and pleasant.

Bond bond ma gum sa ha, ya savan bhi toh tum sa ha

My Memories In Raining

I always likes raining. Some years ago when i am at university. She make a phone call to me and ask me to walk with her. In this weather She like the pakora’s i have purchased for her. She liked them. She made Tea for me. Because she knew i like to take tea in the Raining. In the thunder storm i left my house and went for her close love. She is frigten from the lightening. She wear worm dress because this is the raining of winter. I like her and She like me. We sit in the Cafeteria and takes the Pakora’s and Tea and share the lovely expression with each other. From this memories i liked the rainy day. This is the best lovely day for me. I never forget this day. This is another best day for me

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