Good Friday Statuses

Good Friday Statuses


Good Friday – You came to me with a smile, exposing the dimples of your cheeks. I’m in love with you helluva lot, like a joyful puppy. I’ve been waiting for you all week, many, many long days, let me kiss you that I have come to me. I look at you in two eyes, forgetting about all the cases. Hello FRIDAY, infection, at last you have come! … ..?

Good Friday Statuses

Ready by Friday! The mobile is charged, the balance is refilled, there is a note in my pocket with my address ..

Life is good – this is when you leave the house for dinner on Friday evening and take your passport just in case.

On Friday, even though I’m not a drunkard, I’ll get home “none” not because I want to, but just such a day.

 The sun invariably rolls towards the horizon, the mood is bright, because it’s Friday! The hardest time is the first four days after Sunday. Now, the very first spring leaf is barely holding onto the branch.

 It’s good that the day after tomorrow is Sunday – you can get enough firewood!

 There is a day off – to work with neither foot, nor hand, nor head – they need peace of mind from work! So: Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday we pass, we pass, we do not delay Friday Today is Friday.

It’s time to relax. Trouble in the ass. And everything will work out

Friday, though not a big holiday, is constant.

 Nothing spoils Friday like the realization that today is Tuesday.

Monday’s plan is to wait for Friday.

A smart diet. We write down:

Monday – take the egg.

Tuesday – cook.

Wednesday – you clean.

Thursday – eat protein.

Friday – eat the yolk.


Sunday – fasting days

There are three benefits to work: Friday, salary, and vacation.

More terrible than Friday the 13th, it can only be WORKING TUESDAY DECEMBER 31 !!!

Everything seems more comfortable on Friday – Rain, blizzard and other bullshit. Because we have half a day to be patient before the tabernacles . Somehow we will survive the worries, The horror of the bosses, the delirium of colleagues in the morning – Saturday begins at midnight, Wonderful and glorious time! Everything is high there – both sleep and awakening, Coffee boils, beckoning us, And still in stock – Sunday. And until Monday – TWO DAYS!

Good Friday More Statuses

Friday! Friday! The bar is full of people, cheerful companies drink beer like water

Let this miracle be repeated, And Friday will come again, It’s necessary to fall in love so much, Although I didn’t believe in love.

Erase the sadness, sadness from the fuck! Comrade, Friday has come!

Monday – Anti- Friday

Tuesday – Non -Friday

Wednesday – Low Friday

Thursday – Big Friday

Friday – Good Friday

Saturday – Broad Friday

Sunday – Deep Friday

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