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Funny quotes about Friday

Friday Stauses


As one funny quote says, only those who work on Saturday don’t like Friday quotes. And this is absolutely correct statement. After all, the day when the working week ends, and which gives the anticipation of the weekend, simply cannot be disliked. We are also delighted with this day of the week, and therefore have compiled a cool selection, which includes the best quotes about Friday. Cool quotes about Friday are for you.

Friday is man’s friend!

Weather forecast for Friday: cloudy, precipitation in the form of alcohol in the evening, sex is possible.

Leaving work on Friday, I try not to run …

– Relax, dude! After all, it’s Friday night!

– Today is Tuesday.

– And somewhere now it’s Friday …

On Friday night, you realize that, in principle, you can live.

The week drags on at the speed of a snail. But on Friday night, the snail turns into a Ferrari.

Nothing spoils Friday like the news that today is Thursday.

If you start walking on Friday, then the week will be eight days: five workdays and three days off.

Friday Cations

   You need to live as if every day is Friday.

On Friday at 5:56 pm, a letter comes through the internal office mailing list with the note “important”: “in four minutes you will need a corkscrew.”

Thursday is good because Friday is Saturday. Remember this on Wednesday!

Monday – we are away from the weekend, Tuesday – getting ready for work, Wednesday – working, Thursday – taking a break from work, Friday – getting ready for the weekend. Conclusion: maybe enough work on Wednesdays already!

I’m going to have my spa treatments Friday night. I’ll come and go to sleep!

Let everything in life pass by, except Friday, money and intimacy.

Friday, she is no longer a worker, but not yet a vacationer – in a word, a waitress.

John Steinbeck

Just tuned in to work – and suddenly it’s Friday again, rest again … That’s always the way!

John Steinbeck

Good Friday!

It’s bad that it’s only morning …


The brain screamed and took the ass away in an unknown direction …

At work, always give your best 100%! 12% on Monday, 23% on Tuesday, 40% on Wednesday, 20% on Thursday and 5% on Friday.

Leaving work in the evening, he was glad that today is Friday and you can hide on the weekend. He will cover Saturday and Sunday like two thick blankets. But he didn’t want to do anything; he didn’t even have the courage to read.

David Fonkinos

Friday Wishes

On Friday most of the time you want a drink. On Monday, most often you want Friday.

Friday the 13th is better than any Monday.

Hello Friday, hello darling, you’ve finally come!

Monday – Anti-

Friday Tuesday – Non

-Friday Wednesday – Low Friday

Thursday – Big Friday

Friday – Good Friday

Saturday – Broad Friday

Sunday – Deep Friday

 Salary on Friday is a blow to the liver.

It is especially bitter to feel unemployed on Friday night.

So Friday has come, happiness, joy has brought!

We are all Friday philes and Monday phobes.

If weekends and holidays are highlighted in red on the calendar, why isn’t Friday highlighted in blue?

I love Monday – just three days until Friday.

We have only two real holidays – New Year and Friday.

The scariest day is Friday the thirteenth before working Saturday.

Well hello friday. I crawled to you

Friday … how much can you drink?

Friday. Smile Smiley.

Thursday. I look at the clock – 16.00. I can hardly restrain myself so as not to scream – Hurray! It’s Friday in Vladivostok!

So, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, we pass, we pass, we do not delay Friday!

Nothing can darken Friday like a work Saturday.

Do you feel it? Smells like a weekend!

 Robinson Crusoe work – wait Friday.

Work better on Friday!

Sign: If you go to bed in your shoes on Friday, then for some reason you have a headache on Sunday morning.

Are people really so unhappy and brainless that they are looking forward to Friday only in order to, free from monotonous slavery, spend the evening in front of the TV with a can of beer in their hands?

Friday is the first working day in the land of fools.

If earlier people dreamed of reaching for the stars, now they are trying to hold out until Friday evening.

Until Friday…. relive thursday!

Ready by Friday! In my pocket there is a note with my address … Just in case, a passport …

On the horizon – Friday,

again the

week flashed,

That’s how life is –

just one moment,

and as if blown away by the wind.

Robinson was enjoying Friday even before it hit the mainstream.

If you are late for work for the fifth day in a row, then today is Friday.

It is difficult to protect the liver from bad ecology. Especially on Fridays.

For 90% of people, the main dream is Friday …

 Monday to Friday is a long way off, and Friday to Monday is just around the corner.

  If you don’t feel like working for the fifth day, then today is Friday.

Life begins on Friday night … The rest of the time – survival.

Every Friday, the number of people happy with their lives increases by a couple of billion. This effect lasts until Monday.

Friday Wishes

On Friday, I promise myself not to go online on weekends, but to go for a walk with friends, go to a cafe. But waking up on Saturday I understand that I have no friends, and I have no money for a cafe either.

It’s hard to offend me on Friday –

I will forgive a lot on Friday.

I love any time of the year

At the hour when Saturday is on the nose.

I sit on a bench

and look around me.

What do I see, friends?

Friday around me!

Friday … the squirrels are watching you.

Girls should be alcoholic on Friday night …

If you want to live tomorrow, arrange for yourself seven Fridays a week.

   The dream of Friday is the most common among the working population. It starts on Monday and lasts four days a week.

Today is FRIDAY and tomorrow is a day off! I’m in a new dress, I’m going for a walk with you!

What is snow to me, what is heat to me, that I have draft vermouth when my friends are with me!

Already from Friday you start to fear that Monday is coming soon!

Friday Wishes

Life starts over every Friday.

Rimma Khafizova

Friday is like a handbag – it doesn’t contain what you are looking for, but there are many other interesting things.

 Friday, though not a big holiday, is constant.

I’m Friday! The world loves me so much!

Now I’m on adventures after work

Now I’m Friday, I’m dancing, laughing, I’m a feast 🙂

I’m warming up a short Saturday!

FRIDAY is an ordeal for nerves and health. Nerves on this day are spent on waiting for the end of the working day … Health – after waiting!

Monday morning began unexpectedly – just after Friday night.

You are late for work for the fifth day in a row. What conclusion do you think I should draw? – That today is Friday.

And Friday is getting closer. The liver is terrified, the priest is in anticipation!

Nowadays, the Strugatsky brothers would not write “Monday starts on Saturday,” but “Friday ends on Sunday.”

Friday … Losers are online, the rest are all offline. But losers won’t have a headache on Saturday …

Leading day of Week

If on Friday evening you feed your conscience with promises that from next Monday you will definitely start a new, bright, sinless life, then your conscience will sleep sweetly all weekend, never disturbing you.

The Russians do not work on Monday – they have a hard day.

Friday, ass trouble.

Every Friday night, life starts over.

No matter how much you pay the employee, it still waits for Friday.

From Friday to Monday, we are scattering time by pouring out millions of money.

Well … FRIDAY … are we drinking beer by common sense?

Today, the sky is frowning again with rains,

Under umbrellas, people are hiding from bad weather,

Dirty, wet, like hens –

But happy-ee … Because, it’s Friday!

The narcologist sent me to a psychiatrist after I announced that I would stop drinking not from Monday, but on Friday evening …

Friday Quotes

We are all just children, pretending to be professionals at work, but in fact waiting for Fridays to be ourselves!

Lord give me the strength not to get drunk! And if I get drunk, then make it so that I do not dance, if your strength is not enough and I still dance, try at least to make it so that you would not sing! And if that doesn’t work out, break the hell out of the Yu-tube server!

Is it by chance that the words “drunkard” and “Friday” are similar?

Friday. With a cry “Who is the last – that sucker!” the director escaped first.

When on Friday evening one of the whole queue does not buy alcohol, you directly feel some kind of isolation from your native people …

Friday! There is so much happiness in this word.

There is nothing to argue against Friday. The whole weekend goes after Friday. You can’t force a person to do their homework on Friday.

For some reason I want to do nothing on Friday. Although on other days I also want to, but on Friday I want to do nothing especially strongly.

I wanted something tasty – probably beer.

The words “Friday” and “control” are incompatible.

A cup of chocolate with marshmallows, I’m

enjoying the series with Jon Snow.

Friday, it happens like that,

It’s a pity that Monday comes quickly …

-What do you do at home on Fridays?

– I’m missing.

Comrade! Drive the sadness off the tabla! Comrade! Friday has arrived!

We have Halloween every Friday.

The scribe and the squirrel usually arrive on the night of Friday to Monday.

You can’t work on Friday: Muslims have a holy day. Now You can’t work on Saturday: the Jews have a holy day. You can’t work on Sunday: Christians have a holy day. For this You can’t work on Monday: the Russians have a hard day.

Be careful with Fridays. They promise too much. They are like a movie review: only in rare cases does what they predict come true.

Super and Powerful Day of Week

WARNING: Excessive use of … Alcohol. makes YOUR Friday … AWESOME.

There are three benefits to work: Friday, salary, and vacation.

Thursday is a small Friday, and Friday can be considered a day off.

Friday traditionally began with a light dinner on Thursday and ended with a hearty breakfast on Monday.

Sergey Minaev

It’ll be Happy Friday again, won’t it?

Today is Friday, and tomorrow

and tomorrow is Friday again,

but how much can you get tired of

screaming capriciously Robinson

On Fridays I walk like a rock star … well, a very poor rock star who was kicked out of the band long ago for drunkenness …

  If there really were seven Fridays in the week, then everyone would have drunk themselves for a long time.

Today is Friday the 13th and witches will fly around the city … mainly on Porshe, Lexus, Infinity.

Friday is the powerday

All the white power will fly by subway …

End of the week – Friday is pinned down,

And tomorrow will be a day off.

After all, the work has already rubbed a corn

And hemorrhoids got out from the seat …

Nothing excites the imagination like Friday.

Great Friday! I especially remember the Russian folk riding on police bobiks!

I won’t drink any more. Because of you, I definitely won’t. I won’t do that much. Never. Until Friday…

Hero’s Day

It’s Friday again, another week has passed. Time shrinks and stretches like a spoiled accordion, and only your letters remind us of our sweet past, bring order and meaning into my chaotic life.

Bel Kaufman

Old age is when Friday comes, and you somehow “so what.”

The government wants to ban the sale of alcohol on Friday. Why, the omnipotent ones – forbid Friday itself. Nah she is so necessary …

Friday … Olya read Pushkin, Tanya embroidered with a cross, Sveta and Ira played chess, Alena played solitaire, and all because Valya did not have time to go to the store until 21:00 …

Sign: If your wife does not speak to you in the morning, it means that yesterday was Friday.

Hurry the working day is over!

This is Hurry Friday!

– Hurry summer!

– Why did life go by so quickly?

And let them say that I am a drunkard, and let them carry all nonsense. It will definitely be Friday, in spite of all the bosses!

Friday is when on social networks everyone exchanges not cups of coffee, but glasses of beer!

Drinking on Friday is nice … Other days too. It’s not a matter of days here at all …

The plan for the week “Wait for Friday” is fulfilled! Now you can rest with a clear conscience.

Friday is when a WARM WARM has gone in the contrasting SOUL of our life …

And Friday came … And she asked:

– Is there a reason? And if I find it?

Hurrah! finally friday saturday sunday!

Synonyms of the word Friday:

1) Nursery

2) Tyapnitsa

3) Pyatnitsoo

Friday! It’s time to experiment with the body

On Fridays I return late, at four o’clock Saturday. And I want to sleep right away.

Left for a meeting with the weekend!

Friday is best day.

The most exciting and unbearable thing on Friday is to count the minutes remaining until the end of the working day in the morning.

Why are all statuses in contact about Friday related to alcohol, that no one goes to the theater or cinema on Fridays?

They walk, of course, but after drinking heavily before that …

What Russian does not dream on Monday morning of Friday evening!

If you don’t get off work now, Pyatnizzo will take you!

This is how we live: from Friday to Friday….

The closer Friday is, the kinder the morning!

Friday is a holiday that is usually celebrated on Saturday and Sunday. On Monday, it is customary to wait for Friday in the morning, and on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday, Friday is especially expected, trying to postpone all important matters for the next week.

Friday is when the Coffee status automatically changes to Beer.

Friday is the best day of the week, especially her evening, since the weekend has not yet begun, and the work has already ended.

Bless Friday

The soul waited with admiration for Friday, and the liver and kidneys with horror for Monday.

We seem to come to work to work. But Friday surely proves the opposite …

We have more and more Fridays during the week …

Only the one who studies on Saturday does not like Friday

Hello Friday, sorry Saturday, I probably won’t remember you

It can happen to anyone! A box of vodka attacked two men on Friday and took away their entire salary!

The old Russian holiday “Friday” … is celebrated for 3 days

Friday is the long-awaited day of choice. Fresh from the shower or sweaty from the fridge !!!

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