Defense Day Whats App Statuses
Defense Day Whatsapp Status

Defense day whatsapp statuses are for you get them and post on your mobile screens whatsapp Facebook and Instagram. Defense day is celebrates on 6 September in the Pakistan. Pakistan is becomes on the map in 1947. There are many soldier are to be died in this war and there is both countries Pakistan and India economy and their structure are disturb. This war in 1965. Now in 2020 there is TV shows and Programs are to be streaming on Television channels to celebrate this day.

Events on the defense day

There are main events is going to be in this day is

  1. Mazar-e-Quaid Guard Changing
  2. Mazar-e-Iqbal Guard Changing
  3. Guard of Honor is presenting on the graves of Martine’s Soldiers
  4. All Television channels play the programs

There are various other events are to be organize but they are on their regional level. These three events are to be common in the Pakistan. There are proper programmes are to be arrange in the Head Quarters of forces and TV channels to get celebrate this day .Let’s discuss about the main forces how they celebrates this event

1.Air Force Defense Day Whatsapp Status

In the resalpur Academy there is a proper ceremony is created. Where Guard of honor is presented to the main working or playing leading roles in the country for the nation. There are all the high command is in this ceremony. As the air force is working to control the air traffic and defeat the enemy in the air then in that day all the air craft show their leading flights. There is proper arrangement of air craft so that they can show to the Nation how they fire and how they work. Peoples of all ages are invited before 2000 now due to the disturbance of peace this ceremony is canceled. Students are specially prepared for the national anthem. There is proper security is maintained to celebrate this day.

Some new cadets are to be entertaining in this day. The new piolets shows their art of work in the air. Not only have that new air craft flights been to be shows in that day. There is best person that play a leading role is MM Alam in Pakistan. Who defeat 7 air craft of India in a single flight. He is the real hero of Pakistan. His services are to be unforgettable. His wording is unable to forgettable.

2. Army Defense Day Whatsapp Status

The force that control the lending attack and save the country from enemies in the ground is Pakistan army. Army is the only force that is doing much work in all the time. If there is flood or there is any other deserts the army is giving the best role. More than 90 percent contribution in the defense is provided by Pakistan army. Army is the first growing institute of Pakistan. Aziz Bhatti Shaheid have to be provides Nobel Prize(Neshan e Haider) on his kind services. He is the Real Hero of Pakistan. He get shahdat in the Sialkot when India think that he takes tea at Lahore. Our Pakistan army make his thinking wrong. Not only Raja Aziz Bhatti Shaheed in this time. There are many other troops are Shaheid in this time. There are many Sapahee are also Shaheid in this time. Our Tanks and Tops are to be arrange that the Indian have to go back the home. There is still now Pakistani leading Tanks and cruse and air craft placed on the road for the defense day. All Pakistani never forget the services of these personalities

3. Navy Defense Day Whatsapp Status

Pakistan third best and very important force is Navy. This force control the Boundaries in the Oceans. There is always working hard to save the nation. This whole operation in 1965 as operation Dwarka. Basically this name Dwarka is famous from the control of Indian trups attack from the town Dwarka. There is senior commander S.M Anwar is holding this Dwarka operation. This operation held on 6 September 1947. In this war india is thinking about to hold on Karachi Pakistan army make his decisions wrong by proper planning not only that they have saved Pakistan. Pakistan Navy saved Pakistan and Karachi also. This is the first war that is openly play by Pakistan Navy.

Now let get some important Defense day Whatsapp statuses.  

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