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Count Your Buttons Day

Count Your Button Day

Count Your Button Day

I didn’t think then – where did the buttons come from, how many centuries have they already existed, who invented them? But I would surely have loved The Button Parade by Ekaterina Kalikinskaya, a book that answers all these questions. It turns out that I’m not the only one who loves button parades. It turns out that the buttons are much older than you might think looking at our ordinary plastic buttons. The most ancient of them – flat – archaeologists find in the Egyptian pyramids. Buttons on legs were invented by the ancient Greeks, but only for men, and pins were given to women. We use both pins and buttons to this day.

How much could an ancient button tell about the well-being of its owner! The larger the button, the more wealth. Gold buttons, silver, bronze. Glass from Venice, mosaic from Florence. What did the old masters not invent, what precious materials were not used for what we now think is a simple thing like a button. Later, buttons learned to tell not only about wealth, but also about the occupations of their owners – the military and sailors. The button immediately shows who is of what kind of troops.

Shaped buttons still have not lost their meaning. But materials have changed over the centuries. The invention of plastic made buttons really cheap, but they can still be pretty and colorful. By the way, recently I saw an exhibition of an artist who makes all her paintings from buttons. And everyone can make an interesting necklace of buttons. Buttons do a lot.

Waar is not an option but love is the best option love your button these are best to save you from cold waar

In the religion the best ever is the love which have no God all is equal

I think about you with your buttons when you have small buttons then you are happy if big then worried

My Buttons my life

Happy cutee buttons day

You like a button on my life without you my life is uncomplete

Button is much important as the blood for body

You smiles are same as the smiles on the yellow button

You are the golden button for me

Your heart beat is mine when you touch my buttons

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