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Happy Birthday Wishes

Happy Birthday Wishes to your friend on his birthday he can use it as a birthday status

Birthday Wishes for girl friend is very important. Especially when one day ends and new day starts from beep. This beep is important because there is a heartbeat is also doing work for someone special. Especially for those who loves you. When you see his message of birthday wish on 12:00 am then this time heart stop work and your life new cycle start works. This time is especially for you by your lovers.

Happy Birthday Whats App Status

There is everyone loves you and think about you. There is only one that take care about you. Who wants to spend the whole life with you? Who shares his feelings and emotions with you? She makes your life to much funny and without her you feels alone. The girl of noble deeds and good manners. Sometimes only your appearance is much best for her. She always thinks about you and prays to God for the dreams to reality. She always write your name with blood on walls of heart. Sometimes she wear the same dresses as you wear. She always missing your calls at late night. Lets discuss another some special whats app birthday wishes for her

Best Birthday Whats App Status for her

This day of birthday is for a special person, who is doing so much joy for my heart. I feels thankful for every best moment we have spend together, and always I wish that our happiness never ends.

Jani May this day like as sunny as your smile, and same as beautiful as your eyes. I wish you will shine every day, but on this special day you will shine like the brightest star in the word. Happy Birthday to you

I have not ever met a person who is as sweetened as you are. On this special day, we will celebrate your sweetness by in taking a sweet cake and drinking some sweet drinks.

You makes my life full of joy. Your smiles bring smile to my face, and your smart touch reflects me how much you loves me and taking care for me. You are my dearest friend, and my lover. Happy Birthday.

Best Birthday Status for her

I always feel that this is the best day for me when I see your smile. Some time you breathe like as the coolest and pleasant air. I always pray to God for bring this day again. Wishing you happy birthday

This is the super day. I waiting for this day. Sometime like after 11:30 time is liked as freeze and peoples movement is liked as all the working is stopped. This time is very slow before the next day start when the next day started the feeling is unable to describe… At the end the best wishes of happy birthday

Without you life is uncompleted. I feel I am in the grave Yard. Think life is end when you are not with with me. I always pray to God to never ever lose you.

Wishing your birthday is as stunning and full of honey as you are. You deserve only the best, and I hope that for you greatest wishes my love.

 You are the purpose I smile each day. Our Love will not ever go away, and or darling love will ever shine happiest on this special day. I love you.
Thanks for all the movement you’ve given to me. We have spent with each other. Nothing matter how old we are getting, and how many extra birthdays we enjoy, I will always remain here for you. Happy Birthday.

You are the worthy gift in my life provided by God, and on your best extraordinary day, I will give you the gift of my best love. Get it with open arms, and embrace with my hug.

You are the biggest thing that has appeared in my life, and I always wish you on this special day for have an happy birthday. You will deserve it my dear love, and I will like to make sure with your dreams it comes true.

Wish Birthday to her

This is the special day for you. Not only you this is the same day for me. From this day my love start journey of life for me. Wish that this is the best day for you. Happy Birthday to you

Happy Birthday to my best friend and best lover. Thank you for taking happiness into my life. I always loves you with best of care my heart, and my feeling and emotions for you grow day by day. Wishing you happy birthday.

As you loves me taking care about me with this I feels that I am luckiest person on this heaven of love. Wishing you the best of the day and Happy birthday.

The best time is when we meet and the happiest time is your birthday. The luckiest time when we wish birthday to each other. Now this is the best time to says “Happy Birthday to You”.

The falling in love is started when I saw you and now staying in love is much easier. Wishing birthday is another chance given by God to make this love Strengthen. Now time to say “Happy birthday” this is another happy time for both of us

Birthday wishes for Girl Friend

Birthday Status for Girl Friend

This is the happiest time for me and full of enjoyment and refreshment for me that you choose me to share your day with me. You are my lovely sweetheart. I wish you happy birthday. You are the best friend of me

There is no calculator that estimate or calculate how many I loves you. But your hug with me and cute conversion will gives feedback to you how many I love you.  I wish you stay happy and stay blessed with this day. This is special day for me. Happy birthday to you

If God gives me power then I can write your name on the sky. Bring stars on this universe. I have nothing for you but I loves you. Love is the best expression of feeling and emotion with anyone… Wishing Happy Birthday to you

There is no spend when I have not called you in my life. I always love you. Always think about you. Always pray to God for best time of you.

I have no Dollar no Gold and no Money. But always likes to love with you. And wishing you best of happy birthday

This is blessing for both of us that we have choose each other. Now its our turn to remember us each other in the days of memories of future for each. I always loves you

O my dream girl I always loves you. I think that you are with me and we hug each other and time freeze and our love life is started. I always pray to God for this time. Wish you best of Happy Birthday with full of joy for you

Birthday wishes for Girl Friend

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