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Best Quotes and Statuses about Christmas

Christmas 2020 whatsapp statuses

Christmas 2020 whatsapp statuses

Christmas is an amazing time when the heart is filled with the expectation of a miracle, and this miracle happens. Let the blessed light of the Christmas star sanctify your life! We congratulate you on Merry Christmas and offer a magical selection of beautiful phrases and statuses, quotes and aphorisms about Christmas.


Beautiful statuses and quotes about Christmas

Statuses about Christmas for social networks

Sad phrases about the Nativity of Christ

Quotes about Christmas and love

Funny statuses about Christmas

Quotes from famous people about Christmas

Beautiful statuses and quotes about Christmas

Christmas is a long-awaited and beloved holiday by all Christians. The day when everyone believes in magic and miracle. In many families, x are preparing for the celebration in advance. Beautiful quotes and statuses about Christmas will help you feel the magical atmosphere of the holiday.

The best gifts in life are never found under the Christmas tree. These are friends, family, children and those you love!

Christmas is such a holiday when you feel all the spiritual purity and harmony of the soul and the world.

Christmas is a time to forgive.

Make a wish on Christmas Eve, write it down in your heart! Trust and hope, and your good wish will come true!

Christmas … The strong, frosty air, icy purity and snowiness are wonderful in this word.

Christmas is a time to think about others, a time to forget about yourself.

Let the miracle of Christmas fill your heart with warmth and love . Christmas is a time to love and forgive!

On the first Christmas, the Lord took a step towards us. May many this Christmas take a step towards God.

Do not be afraid to give warming words

AND do good deeds!

The more wood you put in the fire, the

more heat you take.

Christmas will give a holiday and warm the soul with goodness!

It snows on Christmas, falls like the grace of God, it snows and magic can happen on this day.

Christmas, a wonderful quiet evening … The tired world will rest from the hustle and bustle …

Eternally holy, eternally new is Christ’s Christmas for us.

Miracles happen not only in fairy tales, but also on Christmas Eve.

Here is Christmas again – a celebration of heavenly forces.

The head shines with a clear star near the tree … The great day is coming – the holiday of Christmas!

The Christmas truth is that we are not alone.

Christmas is a time of miracles and dreams come true! May all wishes come true, but there will be room for the next Christmas!

The most beautiful and fragrant word in the world – “Christmas”, went to my soul with a cheerful wind. It smelled like a blizzard and spiny pine legs.

Preparing for Christmas, decorate not only the tree, but also the soul.

Statuses about Christmas for social networks

May you feel a surge of happiness and joy at Christmas, an atmosphere of warm communication with your family and friends. Put yourself a good phrase on your social page. networks to remind everyone else about this great holiday.

You wait and believe in magic, everything seems new, it happens at Christmas. Merry Christmas!

It doesn’t matter what the weather is outside the window on this Christmas night: blizzard, frost or clear sky, the main thing is that our souls and hearts be warm and cozy!

I want to believe in Christmas magic, as I did in my childhood. I want to make wishes again and sincerely believe that they will come true!

What could be more wonderful than Christmas morning, fluffy snow outside the window, a weekend and a cup of hot chocolate?

From house to house, and from heart to heart, from person to person. The warmth and joy of Christmas, let it bring us closer to each other.

How I would like to preserve the Christmas spirit in a jar, so that later throughout the year, I can gradually inhale its magical aroma!

You wait and believe in magic, everything seems new, it happens at Christmas. Merry Christmas!

This holiday is loved and loved, its essence is sacred and pure: on this day the birth of Christ is celebrated throughout the Christian world!

Those who spend it with their family at a rich table and with wonderful gifts will celebrate Christmas well.

In order for the most cherished dream to come true, you must at least believe in it. Merry Christmas!

It doesn’t matter what kind of Christmas you celebrate – Catholic or Orthodox – what matters is how your heart feels …

There is a lot of snow outside the window, everything is covered like a carpet. With an easy step, without a blizzard, Christmas comes to us. I wish you all goodness, love and affection in this fairy tale!

Sad phrases about the Nativity of Christ

Christmas is a good family holiday. That is why loneliness on this day is felt especially acutely. We wish you always to celebrate Christmas with your close and dear people. And never set sad statuses about Christmas. 

May no one on Earth feel lonely on this Christmas evening!

If you decide to spend Christmas this year in a memorable way, spend it in church.

People need more warmth than usual on Christmas night.

Christmas even comes to the battlefield.

You can’t imagine how lonely it is sometimes on Christmas night …

Quotes about Christmas and love

Christmas is a holy holiday that brings people together. On this day, you can feel universal kindness, love and spiritual unity. Beautiful Christmas statuses about love in the best way convey the unique spirit of this bright holiday.

Let the warmth of Christmas unite cold but close hearts.

Christmas is a time for love and forgiveness!

On Christmas night, the sky is especially starry so that everyone can see that one, their own, star!

Christmas is the invisible thread that connects our hearts.

Here’s a miracle: everyone gets more Christmas cards than they sent themselves.

Funny statuses about Christmas

Winter is the richest season for the holidays. We prepare for them in advance, wait for them, cleanse the body and soul and believe in the miracles that Christmas usually gives. On Christmas, you need to think only about the good and congratulate your family and friends on this holy holiday. And funny and funny statuses about Christmas will cheer you up!

The most sober wish on Christmas is to get drunk with happiness!

The night before Christmas is comparable to the night before the test: you cannot sleep, and you can only hope for a miracle!

To find out the name of the betrothed on Christmas – get up early and early in the morning and check his passport.

The night before the exam is like the night before Christmas. You are awake and hope for a miracle.

Mom, if dad doesn’t give you what you want for Christmas, then fall to the floor, scream and hit with your feet and hands, maybe it will work!

If on this Christmas night my most cherished wish comes true, then I will never again wish or wish anything … Let me become Roman Abramovich!

Christmas always comes at midnight, but no one makes a scene for it …

The best Christmas presents are not under the tree! Unless they got drunk …

Christmas is when a father tries to convince his children that he is Santa Claus and his wife that he is not Santa Claus.

Quotes from famous people about Christmas

It is believed that on January 7 we celebrate the beginning of our deliverance from sin and death, which is the Nativity of Christ. For without the Nativity of Christ, that is, without the incarnation of the Son of God, the renewal of human nature would not have taken place. Read beautiful quotes and sayings about the Christmas of famous people. Their beautiful and wise quotes can be used in greeting cards.

Every year it becomes more difficult to discern the Nativity of our Lord Jesus Christ through all the layers of its packaging.

Edmund White

Whenever we love and whenever we give, it’s Christmas.

Dale Evans

The Christmas tree is Christmas, not New Year!

Alexander Solzhenitsyn

Christmas is not the season. This feeling.

Edna Ferber

Christmas only happens once a year, but that’s more than enough.

Robert Lembke

At Christmas, we open not only gifts, but our hearts as well.

Janice Maditer

What could be more wonderful than Christmas morning, fluffy snow outside the window, a weekend and a cup of hot chocolate?

Dmitry Blake

After all, the main meaning of Christmas is to proclaim peace throughout the world.

Yustein Gorder

Christmas cannot be every day, otherwise it will get boring.

Maria Parr

Try to understand what it is – Christmas, and you will feel the good coming from it, which originally accompanied this holiday. Then you will understand that this is not just a festive entertainment in a series of many other holidays and not a continuation of the buying rush. Christmas will become for you a part of yourself, your guiding star, and you will have a desire to bring happiness and joy to people.

Kevin Alan Milne

If there is no Christmas in your heart, you will not find it under the tree.

Roy Smith

I love Christmas because at that time people think of others. It would be nice if families always lived this way.

Christmas is the Disneyland of Christianity.

Don kapitt

Truly, this Christmas does wonders for people!

Arkady Averchenko

It’s especially easy to feel kinship at Christmas.

Valery Kazanzhants

The Christmas truth is that we are not alone.

Taylor Caldwell

Commercially, if there were no Christmas, it would have been invented.

Catherine Whitehorn

My only Christmas wish is peace for all children on earth.

Audrey Hepburn

Another Polish tradition. There should be one extra seat at the table and one extra plate of cutlery for the casual traveler. No one should be left alone this evening. “This Evening” is the evening before Christmas.

J. Vishnevsky 

I wish we could put some of the Christmas spirit in jars and open the jar every month.

H. Miller

We will find peace. We will hear angels, we will see that the sky sparkles with diamonds.

A.P. Chekhov

Christmas! I look forward to these holidays with their welcoming radiance long before they come.

E. Hoffman

Christmas is the attraction, and the special attraction of Christmas is reflected in the eyes of the child.

U. Saroyan

Peace will come to earth to stay if we live every day as we do on Christmas Day.

H. Rice

The best gift around any Christmas tree is having a happy family gathered together.

B. Hillis

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